Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

The Shuttle operates on weekday mornings between 6:00am – 9:30am and on afternoons between 4:30pm – 8:00pm. The service will not operate on weekends and public holidays.

What areas do you service?

The OurBus service area is bounded by:

  • The M2 motorway along the suburbs of North Rocks and Epping in the north;
  • North Rocks Road / Statham Avenue in North Rocks and Carlingford in the west;
  • Pennant Hills Road / Marsden Road in Carlingford and Eastwood in the south; and
  • Blaxland Road / Essex Street / Boundary Road in Eastwood, Epping and North Epping in the east.

The detailed map available at illustrates the four distinct zones and the indicative bus routes assigned for each zone. Pick-up and set down points are identified in the OurBus App available for download at the Apple Store or Google Play.

How much does a ride cost?

$3.10 flat fare and $1.50 for concession

How do I book for this service?

This service is booked through our App that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Is a booking necessary?

Yes, booking for this service is important to ensure delivery of a confirmed, reliable and safe service.

Can I use my Opal card to pay?

No, this service is independently operated and is not part of the Opal service.

How do I pay for my booking?

Payment process is set up when you initially download and enter your details into our App.

How early can I book for this service?

This service can be booked through the App 14 days in advance of travel.

Once booked will I be guaranteed a seat?

Yes, our App ensures that the service is not over booked.

How many people can you transport?

Our mini buses (Toyota Commuter) are equipped to carry up to 10 passengers plus one wheelchair passenger when required.

Does your bus have wheelchair access?

Yes, all our buses are equipped to carry 1 wheelchair.

Will you pick me up from my home?

We do not operate a Door to Door service, but have established a multitude of pickup points along our route, one of which should be close to your home. Please check our App or for your closest point.

Do you have suitable seats for children?

Due to the variances with seating requirements for children, we can only carry children above 7 years of age.

Can my child ride on your service unaccompanied?

Yes, providing the child is above 7 years of age and has booked a seat.

Will my luggage fit on your bus?

Space is limited on this service, luggage should sit on your lap or placed under your seat.

What is your cancellation policy?

Bookings may be cancelled by the customer without incurring any cost up until 5 minutes prior to the confirmed collection time. In these circumstances, the transaction will be cancelled and will not appear on the customer’s credit/debit card statement. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions – Payment and pricing for more detail.

Do you take last minute bookings?

Our App is real-time so you can make a booking at any time and be advised the next available service.

Can I wave the bus down and pay the driver?

No, to deliver the service in a timely and safe manner and to co-ordinate the quickest trip between points, online bookings are essential.

Can I eat or drink on your bus?

Eating and drinking is not allowed unless for medical reasons.

Do you offer discounts for pensioners or seniors?

Yes, we offer a concession fare of $1.50.

Do you allow mobility scooters on your bus?

No, for safety reasons we are unable to carry this type of mobility aid.

Does your bus follow a set route and time table?

Our service operates within the Epping, Carlingford and North Rocks area, operating along designated roads with assigned pick-up and set down points. Due to the type of service, we do not operate to a specific timetable but aim to deliver the quickest travel with a wait time of 15 to 20 minutes.

Can I join and get off anywhere within your operation area?

Yes, you can book a pick-up and set-down to and from any nominated stop within our operating area.

Can I transfer to another one of your services for the one fare?

You will need to book both services independently and pay for each trip.

Can I change my pick-up time to an earlier or later service?

Yes, you will need to cancel the existing trip from the App at least 15 minutes before and rebook.

How can I provide feedback regarding your service?

Yes, you can provide feedback through the App on your phone or contact our support staff via email at or call 8889 7050.

How do I make queries about lost and found?

Please contact our support staff on or call 8889 7050

Do I need to wear a seat belt?

Yes, the law requires that all passengers must wear a seatbelt where one is fitted. It is for your safety!

Can I travel with my pet?

You can travel with your pet if it is an assistance animal such as a Guide Dog, Hearing Dog, Police Dog and for other animals that you hold a valid Assistance Animal Permit (AAP)